The main shareholder of the Company I. Emmanouilidis started as a contractor of public works and holds the positions of CEO LEON ATEBE.

First of all, dealt with the construction of public and private projects in 1984.

In 1985 he establishes the OE I. Emmanouilidis – Pliaplias with the goal of performing private and public projects.

In 1995 converts to SA with the name LEON ATEBE and manufactures many small and large projects (plumbing, roads and construction) in Greece.

At the same time establishes two unit productions ready for concrete and aggregates, and significantly increase its turnover from sales of concrete products.

In 2004 he establishes the company “MEGADOM 2000” Ltd in Sofia, Bulgaria for the purchase and use of properties.

In 2010 he establishes the company “ESTIA” Ltd, which bought land in the city of Kavala in the resort town” St. Andreas “where planned construction of maisonettes to meet the demand of local market but also from the northern Balkan countries Bulgaria, Romania.